Powermaster is a manufacturer and supplier of tube tools and equipment Tube cleaning Accessories including shafts and brushes

tube cleaning accessories for tube cleaning Systems


Tube cleaning accessories by Powermaster Industrial.

For all the products below, please consult the pdf link at the bottom of the page:

Tube cleaning Brushes from 1/4 OD to14.0 Stack brushes Tube cleaning flex shafts Buffing tools for honing tubes
Brushes Flexible Shafts Buffing Tools
Tube Cutters for removing hard scale. Bushes for light scale and soot. Carbide drills for blocked tubes.
Tube Cutters for Hard Scale Brushes for Light scale and soot Carbide drills for blocked tubes
Cutters for curved tubes Flexible shafted cutters for curved tubes. Shoot through cleaning equipment
Cone heads for curved tubes Flex Shafts for Cutters Shoot Through systems

The PDF link below will download our Chemical and Mechanical Tube Cleaning Catalogue