Hydrostatic pumps

For the pressure testing of Boilers, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, sprinkler systems, fire hoses and all other process piping.

Hydro static pumps for all required testing

Powermaster Industrial supplies Rice Hydrostatic pumps for pressure testing of boilers and all other pressure vessels. The EL-series, is a line of low volume high pressure hydrostatic test pumps, offering flow rates up to 8 GPM, and pressures up to 1800 PSI. Designed for testing sprinkler systems, irrigation lines, pressure vessels, plant process piping, and small diameter water lines. Accessories include a “wheel and handle” kit for increased mobility, and a pressure feed tank for an instant water supply. Motor options available include – various voltage, phase, explosion proof and hertz specifications. HP-Series, a line of pneumatic driven high pressure hydrostatic test pumps. Offering pressure ranges up to 30,000 PSI, and flow rates up to 7 GPM. Requiring only 100 PSI of standard shop air, these units have the ability to start/stop while under pressure. Our smaller lightweight compact units are designed for testing in confined spaces or remote locations, such as on board ships and oil rigs.

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Made in the USA

Supplying North America and the United Kingdom

Supplying North America and the united Kingdom.