PVLD-3000 Complete Kit for 1/4"OD to3.0"OD tubes.
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Vacuum Tube Leak Detector Kit PVLD-3000 Tube Leak Detector Kit is a piece of equipment that no maintenance crew should be without. The unit allows the operator to test any tube in any type of tubular apparatus to test for leaking tubes. This is by far cheaper than eddy testing which does not guarantee to find a leaking tube. Leaking tubes in heat exchangers are hard to find especially if the unit has many hundreds of tubes. By systematically moving from one tube to another all tubes can be tested with vacuum technology to confirm the continuity of the tube wall.

For finding leaking tubes in heat exchangers us the Vacuum Tube Leak Detector Kit

Finding Leaking tubes in heat exchangers

When there is suspicion a tube or tubes are leaking in either oil coolers, condensers, heat exchangers or boilers. Two men work together or one with a sealing plug work together on the same tube. The one with the sealing wand places it in the tube and the other operator places the test unit in the same tube and once operated a vacuum is produced in the tube. If the tube maintains its vacuum then the tube has no leaks, a decreasing vacuum gauge verifys a leaking tube.

Consult the PDF Specifications below to cross refer all data to the tube OD, wall thickness and tube sheet thickness. Also, part numbers for spare mandrels and rollers can be found here. If the PDF is two pages then the data has to be read across the two pages.