Semi auto tube pulling system

tube od range: 3/8" od to 3.0"od through the gun
up to 4.0" stub pulling

The semi auto tube pulling system is semi automatic because it requires the operator to push the pulling gun up to the tube sheet once it has completed a a pull cycle.

Semi auto hydraulic tube pulling system

features of the semi auto pulling system

Simple and robust operation. Compact, lightweight and maneuverable power pack.

Very little training for the operator needed. Set up in less than a minute. Single man operation.

High pressure pump for pulling toughest jobs. Low set up time / ease of operation.

Available with choice of electric / pneumatic operation.

Automatic switchover from low pressure to high pressure.

Interchangeable pulling gun accessories compatible with existing systems.

Semi auto tube pulling sequence

We can not stress enough on consulting the PDF Specifications below to cross refer all data to the tube OD, wall thickness and tube sheet thickness. here you will find the corresponding accessories for individual tube sizes.