Tube Removal tools

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Collective of tube removal tools

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Different ways of removing tubes

Fully Automatic tube pulling system

Continious tube pulling equipment

Continuous tube pulling system

This is the ultimate system for the removal of tubes from heat exchangers and boilers alike. The system is available with either electrical or pneumatic power supply which is converted into hydraulic power with up to 45 tons of pulling power. Electrical power supply can be either single phase or three phase depending on the size of pump required, and the gun size is dictated by the size of the tubes being pulled. Three different guns are available.
Mandrels are impacted into the tubes and then the gun is placed over the mandrel. The system starts slow to break the seal from the tube and tube sheet. Once the seal is broken the operator presses the AUTO button which puts the system into its fastest speed with tubes being pulled up to 5.2 meters per minute depending on tube size.
Once the tube is pulled completely from the pressure vessel and is free from the gun, the pulling gun can be threaded onto the next mandrel for the process to start again.

Semi Automatic tube pulling system

Semi auto tube pulling equipment

Semi Automatic tube pulling system

The Semi Automatic Tube Pulling System will pull tubes complete through the gun up to 3.0" and pull tube stubs up to 4.0"OD. Being semi auto means the operator has to push the gun back up to the tube sheet once the pull stroke is complete and he starts the next stroke. If pulling beaded tubes then the beads must be removed before pulling commences on individual tubes. The same mandrels are used as per the fully automatic system above but only one set of rear jaws are used in the gun.

Internal tube cutter/internal pipe cutter

Internal tube cutter - internal pipe cutter

Internal tube cutter/internal pipe cutter - PR68 Series

The PR68 Series internal tube cutter/ internal pipe cutter is the perfect tool for cutting thick walled tube and pipe. These units are available for tubes up to maximum ID of 4.134" (105mm) and can be adapted up to 6.0" ID with a reach of 72 inches. The internal tube cutter PR-68 is driven in a clockwise direction using either electric, pneumatic or hydraulic drives. Standard reach is 4.0" up to 16 ", thereafter is by special order.

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