electric rolling drives

All of the electric drives on this page are high torque, two geared and variable speed reversible motors and are German made for outstanding quality and reliability. Working with CSUnitec we can supply you the drive you require in usually 48 hrs within Canada and the USA

All models with PDFs and a detail description displayed to the right of the page.

Electric Rolling Drives by Powermaster Made in Germany


  • High Torque, two geared, and variable speed.
  • All units available in either 110 or 220 Volt, 50/60 Hz.
  • Ideal for tube rolling, drilling, tapping and reaming steel.
  • Driving applications include mills, spindles, bar boring, pipe beveling and valve turning.
  • Perfect for the tube rolling of fire and water tube boilers.
  • Torque pre-selection #/speed pre-selection #
  • Mechanical safety clutch prevents operator injury or damage to the tool.
  • Morse taper #3 arbor. #
  • One year warranty.

# Not present on all models.

Eibenstock drives

Consult the PDF Specifications to the model selected.

Eibenstock rolling drive in action driving a 800-5 series tube expander.

Eibenstock Rolling Drive in action on a large heat exchanger.

The Eibenstock drive above is rolling tubes in a large heat recovery vessel with 1.0"OD tubes and the operations is being carried out with a 5 roll tube expander from the 800-5 series. The weight of the rolling drive unit is supported by an SWF Series Spring Balancer to alleviate operator fatigue.