hydraulic tube expansion systems (hydex)

Hydraulic Pump HEP-500

The Powermaster HYDEX system comes in three pump sizes, the HEP-500 is featured below. radiators with small diameter tubes. All 900 series expanders come with 1/4" square mandrels, round mandrel drives are optional.

Hydraulic Rolling System pump HEP-500


  • Drive communicates with the pump via 9v DC remote control. This ensures safety and eliminates the need of electrical cord between pump and drive.
  • Silent during use. In comparison electric and pneumatic tube expansion systems. Compact, therefore easy to use inside boiler drums.
  • Compatibility - Same power pack for all the 4 drives to expand 5/8” OD to 4” OD tube.
  • Very High Torque Developed - can expand large diameter, thick wall tubes in thick tube sheets easily.
  • Dual drive power pack is available to connect 2 drives to a single power pack to cut down tube expansion time cycle by a further 50%.
  • Microprocessor controls on the pump automate the expansion cycle. Trip, pause and reverse times for the drive are adjustable.
    No need for repeated manual STOP/START of the drive during the expansion cycle - completely automatically

Note: Drive supplied with FORWARD, STOP, REVERSE, AUTO controls, QUICK RELEASE COUPLINGS, SOCKETS and REACTION BAR. Power pack includes 2 hoses each of length 10 meters. If required longer hoses can be supplied.

Hydraulic Pump Specification:

Hydraulic Pump Specification

Hydraulic Drives Specification:

Hydraulic Drives Specification


Consult the PDF Specifications below to cross refer all data to the tube OD, wall thickness and tube sheet thickness. Also, part numbers for spare mandrels and rollers can be found here. If the PDF is two pages then the data has to be read across the two pages.