Pneumatic Rolling Drives

Conventional and Right Angled Rolling Drives

Powermaster Industrial supplies outstanding rolling drives in pneumatic configuration for all industry needs. Our rolling pneumatic drives are specifically designed to ensure uniform and perfect tube to tube sheet  expansions every time.

Features of the Conventional Pneumatic Rolling Drives

  1. Lightweight aluminum bodies.
  2. Ergonomically designed for operator comfort.
  3. Automatically stops at the set torque by the operator.
  4. Precise controls measures the torque output therefore consistent rolls are achieved.

Model P850-400

P850-400 seies pneumatic tube rolling drive

Pneumatic Rolling Drives by Powermaster Industrial

P850-400 seies pneumatic tube rolling drive

Below is our table for recognizing the driver required according to tube size etc.

Pneumatic tube rolling drive

Pneumatic Right Angled Rolling Drive for Boiler Tubes

P72-RT-90 for Boiler Tubes up to 4.0"

Pneumatic right angled tube rolling drive

The right angled rolling drives are specifically designed for expanding boiler tubes in steam, mud drums, fire tube and related boiler equipment. The design make them ideal where limited access is a problem. The P72 comes in two models either 2.1/2" Max OD or 4.0" Max OD. Both models can be with twist throttle or lever throttle.

Pneumatic right angled tube rolling drive

Consult the PDF Specifications below to cross refer all data to the tube OD, wall thickness and tube sheet thickness. Also, part numbers for spare mandrels and rollers can be found here. If the PDF is two pages then the data has to be read across the two pages.