Right angled rolling drives

up to 4 Inch OD tubes

The right angled rolling drive is available in two models and two different configurations of throttle.

Model P72-rt-190:  Tube capacity 2.5 inches

Model p72-RT-90:    Tube capacity 4.0 Inches

Both models are available with either the standard twist grip throttle or the lever type.

The most versatile Right Angled Rolling System

The right angled rolling drive P72-RT-90 is the ideal unit to drive the Combination Beading Expander. The units provide a smooth continuous powerful drive to achieve the roll and the bead together

Consult the PDF Specifications below to cross refer all data to the tube OD, wall thickness and tube sheet thickness. Also, part numbers for spare mandrels and rollers can be found here. If the PDF is two pages then the data has to be read across the two pages.