Rolling Drives for expanding tubes in heat exchangers, condensers, oil coolers and boilers.

Electric, Pneumatic or Hydraulic

  • The choice of drive is dependent on the following criteria:
  • Task in hand: (10 tubes or 10,000)
  • How often this is carried out: (Once only or regular basis)
  • Where this carried out: (shop or field)
  • Power source available:(Mains, Pneumatic, generator or compressor)

In the right column are links to the various drives available:

Rolling Drives for all situations.

Task in Hand

Do you have to roll in 10 tubes or 10,000? (Rental or Buy - Speed and accuracy of a TCW Torque Controller?)

How often this is carried out

Do you do this type of work on a regular basis?(Rental or Buy - Both options available)

Where- Shop or Field

In the shop environment Hydraulic power may be the answer where field work is suited to Pneumatic.

Power Source

Power source can mean voltage available in a shop environment and field may mean a no spark environment so pneumatic may be the only way.

There are numorous things which need to be taken into consideration. We can help just give us a call: (613) 764-0572 or email

Consult the PDF Specifications below to cross refer all data to the tube OD, wall thickness and tube sheet thickness. Also, part numbers for spare mandrels and rollers can be found here. If the PDF is two pages then the data has to be read across the two pages.