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Tube Expanders for Retubing - Removal and Installation Tooling

Tubing Expander - Definition.

A tubing expander is a precision instrument used to widen the ends of tubes within a tube sheet. It comprises a Mandrel, Rolls, and a Cage. The mandrel, when rotated, is pulled into the cage due to the rollers’ angle. This action forces the rollers outward into the tube’s ID, causing the tube’s exterior to form a seal with the tube sheet. Consequently, the tube wall thickness is reduced to a predetermined percentage, which varies based on the tube’s size and material.

Tube Expanders and Internal Tube Cutters in our Tube Tools Range

tube expanders for retubing

Within our product line of tube expanders for retubing, we supply three different types of tube cutters in our tube tools range. Here we are highlighting our Internal Tube Cutter, the PR68 Series. These reliable, hard-working industrial internal cutters get the task completed. Cutting tubes and pipe up to 16 inches in depth. 

Internal tube cutters, supplied to cut tubes from 1.2″ OD up to 4.1/2″ OD. Driven using either electric or pneumatic drives. The drive connection is via the 1/2″ male square. To aid with connection, accessories are available in the tube rolling accessories section.

Therefore these removal tools and many more can be found in the Tube Removal Link above.

Contact us for the operating manual and pdf.

Rolling Drives for Tube Expanders for Retubing

Rolling Drives - Tube Tools for Retubing

Powermaster Industrial provides high-quality tube tools for retubing and your industry needs. From German-made tube rolling motors to Canadian-assembled installation and removal tools. Our service is Above and Beyond to keep you working, on time and within budget. For these reasons, we stand by our products to satisfy all our customer’s needs. 

Use the menu above for locating either tube tools or construction tooling. Also, visit our service and rental pages as well as our knowledge base for information.

Rentals -Tube Rolling Drives

Our tube rolling drive systems cover tubes from 1/4″ OD up to 3.0″ OD. When rolling tubes in heat exchangers and condensers we supply the unit with a digitally controlled torque controller. This will ensure consistent rolls to the same torque specification for each tube.

PTR-03 tube rolling drive ideal for driving Internal Tube Cutters PR68


  • Up to 3.0″ OD tubes.
  • Supplied MT3 Mandrel Drive 3/4-1.0″F.
  • 7 Days on-site minimal rental.
  • Transportation on our time.
  • We organize transportation.
  • Rental starts when the tool arrives.

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PTR-02 Electric rolling drive power to drive Internal Tube Cutters PR68


  • Up to 2.0″ OD tubes.
  • Supplied MT3 Mandrel Drive 1/2-3/4″F.
  • 7 Days on-site minimal rental.
  • Transportation on our time.
  • We organize transportation.
  • Rental starts when the tool arrives.

Shipping Equipment

Shipping from our Head Office in Ontario and our warehouse in New York State. We can ship specifically overnight express in continental North America by UPS or FedEx.

For large shipments, we engage the services of Manitoulin Transport for road haulage. For overseas clientele, we engage either express worldwide or expedited airfreight.

Why Choose Powermaster Industrial Tube Tools?
At Powermaster Industrial, we take pride in providing the highest quality tube tools for the Heat Transfer and Construction Industries. Our range of tube expanders for retubing, internal tube cutters, and rolling drives are all made using top-grade materials for exceptional durability and reliability. We also offer rentals on some of our equipment, including tube rolling drives, to help you complete your project on time. Our customer service is beyond compare, with knowledgeable representatives ready to assist you every step of the way. Contact us today to see how Powermaster Industrial can help make your project a success!

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Tube Tools and Retubing Procedures

Tube tools for Retubing on a boiler using the combination tool.

On our retubing webpage, we aim to provide information on the retubing of heat exchangers and boilers. Therefore this information is based on our experience within the industry. No two heat exchangers or boilers will go the same way. So sometimes 85% of your labour time will be removing the old tubes. Tube tools for retubing can be accessed also on our sister site boilertubeexpanders.com Links above in the main menu.

Hydrostatic Test Pumps

Hydrostatic pumps are used to test pressure vessels after retubing.
Hydrostatic Test Pumps are versatile, and offer a wide range of pressure and flow rate. With pressure capabilities of up to 30,000 PSI, and flow rates of up to 56 GPM. These pumps are suitable for a variety of testing applications.
Whereas the pumps are available in various power options. This includes gas, electric, diesel, and pneumatic, to accommodate different preferences and requirements. Additionally, manual options are also available. For a more hands-on approach.