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8012-5 Series Tube Expanders

8012-5 series tube expander


The 8012-5 Series tube expanders are a workhorse expander for rolling a more concentric tube joint especially when rolling exotics and thick walled tube. Covering a range of tubes from 1.3/4″ OD up to  3.0″ OD. These are a heavy duty style expander covering three different reaches.


We list up to 3.0″ OD as standard in our PDF but can produce larger expanders if required. Can expander up to 8.0″ in thick tube sheets in one operation.

Tube and Sheet Sizes:

  • 1.3/4″-3.0″” OD.
  • Tube Sheet Adjustable Range 1/2″-8.0″.
  • 3/4″ and 1.0″ Square mandrel drive.

Follow the link below for the full PDF specifications: