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Sugar Mill Series Expanders

Sugar Mill Series Expanders
Evaporator tubes use sugar mill series expanders

Sugar Mill Evaporators

Sugar mill series expanders come in two types for use on the same tubes. Used in the manufacture and retubing of vertical juice evaporators. Although these expanders look different. They achieve the same result, rolling the top and bottom joints. The vertical tubes in juicer evaporators are only accessible from the top of the unit. This is because most designs do not allow easy access from underneath. Whereas getting the old tubes out is a similar struggle. Most older units are having their copper tubes replaced with stainless steel. This in itself can provide a challenge. Thus, accurate measurements will allow the completion of the two rolled joints. Measurements need to be from the top of the top plate to the top of the bottom plate. Also, the tube OD, wall thickness and tube sheet thickness. This will then allow us to present the correct tool for the task.

Features of the Sugar Mill Series Expanders:

  • 5 Roll design is used primarily for rolling thin-walled tubes used in sugar mill juice evaporators.
  • 5 rolls give a more concentric, uniform expansion reducing spring back and triangulation.
sugar mill series expanders