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One Revolution Tube Cutters

One revolution tube cutters

Features of One Revolution Internal Tube Cutters - OTC Series

Powermaster’s Internal Tube Cutters use one revolution. The tool pierces and separates both ferrous and non-ferrous tubes.

  • This Internal Tube Cutter is hand-operated using a ratchet handle.

  • The Cutter Tool Bit operates on an eccentric principle. Push the Tube Cutter into the tube using the Tool Bit in a closed position. Apply ratchet and turn in a clockwise direction. The Tool Bit contacts the tube in its Single Revolution. This pierces the tube wall while turning. The Tool Bit then shears through the tube along its circumference. The Cutter has an adjustable collar. This enables it to reach into tubes at various distances. These are available in optional increments of 2” (50.8mm). Standard adjustable reach is 6” (152.4mm). “A” reach = 8” (203.2). “B” reach = 10” (254.0mm). “C” reach = 12” (304.8mm) etc.

  • All Cutters are available for MM tube sizes also.

Tube Plugs

Tube plugs for pressure vessels

Provide the following for tube plugs:

  • Tube OD. (outside diameter).
  • Tube ID. (inside diameter).
  • The wall thickness of the tube. (Imp, mm or BWG).
  • Tube Material.
  • Maximum Pressure of vessel.
  • maximum operating temperature of the vessel.
  • Number of plugs required.

The majority of our tube plugs are made in-house. Plugs can be provided from 1/4″OD up to 6.0″OD. Material on welded plugs will be matched to the tube material and mill sheets will be provided with heat number.

We try to keep standard weldable plugs available in 1.1/2″, 2.0″, 2.1/2″ and 3.0″ OD.