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Electric Tube Rolling Systems

Electric tube rolling systems consist of a solid-state torque controller. Whereas the actual driving motor has the same basic design as the PTR-02 and PTR-03.

Electric tube rolling systems
Electric drives for electric tube rolling systems


  • Heavy duty German made motors form the heart of these drivers.
  • Continuous duty cycle operations.
  • High torque to weight ratio machines.
  • Available in 120/240 Volts 50/60Hz.

Electric tube Rolling Systems with Torque Control

The four sizes of drivers work with the same torque controller. The TCW Controller recognizes the driver when connected to the controller. Each of the four drivers has specific torque ranges. The four drivers can cover from 1/4″ OD to 4.0″ OD.

When rolling many tubes of the same size and characteristics. The controller can be set to torque values when reached. The driver pauses and reverses out of the tube. Then pauses again to allow the operator to place the expander in the next tube. All these values are adjustable to permit continuous operation.

Rolling Drive Selection

The MPB-0 Is for small tubes in oil coolers and radiator-type heat exchangers. 
Steel Tubes from 1/4″OD to 3/8″ OD.

The MPB-1 Is for tubes in oil coolers and heat exchangers. 
Steel Tubes from 1/4″OD to 5/8″ OD.

The MPG-2 Is for tubes heat exchangers and small tube boilers. 
Steel Tubes from 5/8″OD to 1.3/4″ OD.

The MPG-3 Is for tubes in air heaters and boilers. 
Steel Tubes from 1.0″OD to 3.0″ OD.

Follow the link below for a full breakdown of controls for the TCW Torque Controller.