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Tube Rolling Motors and Drives

electric, pneumatic and hydraulic drives

Tube Rolling Motors and Systems

We only provide quality, that is, German-made, tube rolling motors. With the Eibenstock motor, we assure you of quality. And, reliability and continued service for many years. 

Also, we can provide motors for line boring, pipe bevelling and cutting. Equally, with the same unchallenged quality. Designed to take a morse taper attachments. Thus, adaptable to many situations and requirements.

When required, we provide the correct Female Mandrel Drive with the motor. So to match the expander used with the rolling motor.

Likewise, these motors are available in 120 or 240-volt, 50/60 Hz.

Available to ship within 24 hrs.

Electric rolling motors

Electric Tube Rolling Systems

Electric tube rolling systems consist of a controlling torque system. The torque controller can recognize the drive attached. So it changes its operating parameters to suit the drive and tube size.

The microcontroller is a solid-state design for harsh environments. Built with ease of access control panel with easy-to-read push button controls.  The digital controller recognizes the drive once connected. This is via the 14-pin and cable connection. Once switched on, the controller then calibrates all the controls to the drive. Whereas the range and parameters of tube size included in the calibration.

Likewise, these motors and controllers are available in 120 or 240-volts and 50/60 Hz.

Electric tube rolling systems
Electric drives for electric tube rolling systems