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8012 Series Tube Expanders

8012 series tube expanders

Uses of the 8012 Series Tube Expanders:

The 8012 Series are heavy-duty tube expanders. Similar to the P-3000 expander, and used for air heaters, boilers and refinery stills. Covering a range of tubes from 1.3/4″ OD up to  5.0″ OD. Because of this, these expanders are heavy-duty tools. Built for harsh conditions working under tremendous pressures. At the same time, these are available for wall thicknesses down to 18 BWG, (0.049″).

Furthermore, the tool is available up to an 8″ reach (203mm). So, when confronted with thick tube sheets this tool can be step-rolled to achieve full cover. Only available in a straight configuration thus if a flaring use the P-1000 boiler series.

Whereas we adhere to strict tolerances in all machining processes for expanders and related equipment, enabling precise expansion for creating flawless sealed joints in tube sheets. So, employing top-grade tool steel, advanced cryogenic hardening ensuring our tools become conditioned for peak performance, even in the toughest conditions.

Each expander is constructed with an unwavering focus on manufacturing quality. Every tool is laser-engraved with the Powermaster Canada brand, as well as the tube’s outer diameter, wall thickness, and expansion range. The expanders are carefully oiled, packaged, and boxed for shipment. Our dedication to quality control and precision in machining guarantees the delivery of exceptional tools.

Finally, after all, we use these tools ourselves in the field and our Techs demand the best.


We list up to 5.0″ OD as standard in our PDF but we can manufacture larger expanders if required. 

Tube and Sheet Sizes:

  • 1.3/4″-5.0″ OD.
  • Tube Sheet Adjustable Range 1/2″-8.0″.
  • 3/3″ and 1.0″ Square mandrel drive.

Follow the link below for the full PDF specifications:

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