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Push Type Internal Tube Cutters

atp series internal tube cutter

Ranges of Internal Tube Cutters ATP Series

Push Type Internal Tube Cutters cuts ferrous tubes in Condensers and Heat Exchangers. In summary, this goes towards the removal of tubes from a pressure vessel. The cutter has an adjustable depth determined by the position of a collar on the shaft. Driven by either electrical or pneumatics, the cutters make it easier to sever tubes.

Above all, these tools are easy to operate. Insert the tool into the tube, apply power and press forward. As a result of the applied pressure, the cutting bit extends from the tool. Releasing of inward pressure retracts the Cutter Bit.

Each tool is for a specific tube OD. Standard adjustable reach is 4”(101.6mm) and they are available in optional increments of 2”(50.8mm). “A” reach = 6”(152.4mm). “B” reach = 8”(203.2mm). “C” reach = 10”(254.0mm) etc.

All Push Type Internal Tube Cutters come with a complete set of pilot bushings. The bushing holds the tool central to the tube based on the tube wall thickness. This is because as the tube wall changes so does the ID. Exceptions to this is the ATP-625 which comes with a built-in pilot bearing suitable for one tube wall. All Tube Cutters are available for MM tube sizes also. Please enquire.

Below are links to the tools PDF and Operating Manual.

ATP series tube cutters

PTR-02 Rolling Motor

The Ideal Tube Cutter Drive Motor
PTR-02 Electric rolling drive power to drive Internal Tube Cutters PR68

Eibenstock rolling motors are the most reliable, German-made, system available. Available in 110 or 220-volt configurations. Producing high torque from their two geared, variable-speed reversible motors. Ideal for tube rolling as well as drilling, reaming and tapping steel. Driving applications include mills, spindles, bar boring, pipe beveling and valve turning. The PTR-02 and the PTR-03 are perfect for tube rolling and driving tube cutters.

Delivery is usually within 48 hrs.

PTR-03 Rolling Motor

PTR-03 tube rolling drive ideal for driving Internal Tube Cutters PR68