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Internal Tube Cutters PR68

PR 68 Internal Tube Cutter for thick walled tube

I.D. Range from 0.394" UP TO 4.134" Larger sizes on request
PR68 Internal tube cutter

Features of the Internal Tube Cutters PR68:

Internal Tube Cutters PR68 are ideal tools for tube cutting thick walled boiler tubes up to 4.1/2″ OD. They will power through the thickest of tubes and pipes. Driven by the male 1/2″ square drive connected to a power source. This can be electrical or pneumatic as long as the drive is constant and smooth. Once engaged by the clutch lever, the cutter feeds the cutting bit out of the tool. This in turn cuts the tube.

Extending the PR68 Internal Tube Cutter

Working with a trusted engineering company, we have been able to extend the PR68. Used in the abatement of dry oil and gas wells. Production of extensions allows pipe cutting below the required depth. So far, we have produced extensions over 2 metres. The models extended have been from 2.0″ OD to 4.1/2″ OD.

Therefore, If you have any need for extensions to the PR68, Please Call: (613) 764-0572

Internal Tube Cutter Drivers


Eibenstock rolling motors are the most reliable, German made, system available. They are available in either a 110/220 volt configuration and produce high torque from their two geared, variable speed reversible motors. Ideal power for internal tube cutters as well as drilling, reaming and tapping steel. Whereas driving applications include mills, spindles, bar boring, pipe beveling and valve turning. The Eibenstock EHB series and the ETE series are perfect for tube rolling and expanding for fire and water tube boilers. Fitted with a mechanical safety clutch prevents operator injury or damage to the tool. 



Rotational speed of the tool is dependent on the tube OD, material and wall thickness. The larger the OD then the lower the RPM. Carbon steel and non-ferrous tubes can be from 34-115 RPM. Whereas high alloy steel from 17-76 RPM. The use of a high-tack cutting grease will extend the life of the cutting bit.

Cutting Bits

Considering the RPM, material and wall thickness, tool bit life can vary. Albeit taking the variables into the equation, lubrication has a high impact on life. Also, the operator can make a marked difference in how many cuts per tool bit. Respect for the tool including cleanliness during the operation.

PR68 Specifications
Video of the PR68