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Retubing boilers and heat exchangers. Commercial and industrial boilers have many benefits for businesses. They are more durable, lasting longer with less maintenance. Proofed to be more energy-efficient and more reliable than residential boilers. They are customizable to meet the specific needs of a business. They can provide a large amount of hot water output or steam. Thus making them ideal for businesses that need constant power. Additionally, commercial boilers can help businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. This then improves their environmental impact.

This page is a guide for those seeking the procedures to remove and replace tubes. It applies to boilers, heat exchangers, condensers, and oil coolers. These processes can be quite labour-intensive. Tube removal often accounts for over 75% of the total labour cost. To succeed, you must understand how to remove and replace tubes. The task at hand involves cutting, pulling, and rigging tubes. Additionally, we will also cover repair techniques such as tube plugging and sleeving. This page aims to provide useful information on tube-related procedures. This information will help you complete your project. It is useful for contractors, engineers, and technicians.

Logistics associated to Retubes

Logistics need to come into play. Manpower considerations to complete on time and within budget are critical. Experienced lead hands in all aspects of tube removal and rolling new tubes. You need to confirm what power, pneumatic or electric is available. What are the boiler room burning and welding procedures? Level of third-party liability required. Availability of the new tubes, tube OD and BWG and lead time to get them on-site. In a sub-basement, do we need confined space procedures in place? Confirm welder’s qualifications are up to date. Who will be shutting down the boiler? Who supplies the technician for this? Confirmation with the stationary/steam engineer will confirm who has this responsibility.


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114 series boiler tube expanders