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Fully Automatic Tube Puller

Fully automatic tube puller

Features of the Tube Puller

The fully automatic tube puller available with either Electric or Pneumatic power. Designed for hazardous and explosive working environments. Hydraulic Tube Pulling gun communicates with power pack via 9v DC remote control. This ensures safety and eliminates an electrical cord between the pump and the gun.

Microprocessor controls on the power pack and pulling gun ensure a trouble-free life. Removes tube with minimal or no damage to the tube sheet. Whereas the compact design of the Power pack and Hydraulic Tube Pulling Gun.

High power and speed for automatic cycling. An auto switchover from low-pressure high flow to high-pressure. Then, low flow on load and again back to low-pressure high flow when releasing the load. Automatic slow start to cut the risk of breaking tube puller and to conserve consumables.

Interchangeable tube-pulling guns with the same power pack. 15-ton gun for light-duty high-speed work. 30 ton gun for medium-duty tube pulling. Leaving the 45-ton gun for tubes up to 3โ€ O.D. Hydraulic Tube Pulling up to 3โ€ OD tubes, Tube Pulling Stubs up to 4โ€ O.D.

Stainless steel construction body of power pack for longer corrosion-free life. Low maintenance cost and North American-wide availability of components. Significant saving of time and money over conventional systems. The unit is portable with a handle and mounted on four wheels for easy handling.

Consumables needed with the Tube Puller

Automatic puller Mandrels

Consumables consist of pulling mandrels, front and rear jaws and pulling collars. These are all matched to the tube size and are all wearable parts. The wear of the mandrels, caused by the hardness of the tubes is evident when mandrels start to pull out of the tubes. Yet mandrels will usually cover 80 to 100 tubes before problems arise. So ordering extra mandrels based on the number of tubes and size.

Follow the link below to the PDF for procedures and consumables required.