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Manual Tube Pullers

manual tube removal tools

Manual tube pullers work on the same principle as auto and semi-auto pullers. They have a mandrel which screws into the tube biting into the wall to grip the tube. The outer cage is then screwed down the shaft to connect to the sheet. This continued torque causes the center mandrel to pull outwards. So this will break the seal on the tube sheet with the tube.

Although these pullers are a cost effective solution. Using these pullers is only effective if you have only a small number of tubes to pull. We advise that if you have more than twenty tubes to pull. It could be cost-effective to rent or buy the Semi-Automatic Pulling System.

The puller is available from 1/4″ OD up to 1.0″OD.

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Consult the PDF below for Specifications and Part No's
Manual tube pullers

Other equipment possibly needed

Tube sheet hole brush
Tube Sheet Hole Brushes

As a result of the tubes when pulled out of the tube sheet. Lateral scratches can occur within the tube sheet hole. In any case these scratches can cause leaks when the system becomes pressurized. It is important to use tube sheet hole brushes to help remove the scratching. Using the brushes in a mechanical drill is the easiest way to achieve a perfect finish.

Tube sheet hole reamers
Tube Sheet Hole Reamers

Designed to TEMA Specifications reamers are precision ground tools. Specifically, ground to precise hole sizes for the correct expansion of tubes. Tube sheet hole reamers are available from 3/8″ to 1.1/4″.