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Tube Knockout Tools

Hammer Gun with Knockout tools

Tube Knockout tools consist of Knockout, collapsing and wall-reducing tools. When used with the pneumatic hammer, the knockout and collapsing are formidable tools. Both tools, when selected according to their tube OD and wall thickness, aid in tube removal.
It is important to ensure that the knockout tool is aligned properly before use to prevent damage to the tube sheet. Proper training and supervision should also be provided to operators using this tool to ensure safety and efficiency. Additionally, regular maintenance and inspection of the knockout tool are essential to prevent malfunctions during operation. Overall, while not the first choice for tube removal, a knockout tool can be a valuable tool in a maintenance toolbox for tube removal in difficult situations.

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Tube Knockout

Tube knockout tools

Tube Collapsing

knockout tools - Collapsing tools

Tube Wall Reducing

Knockout wall reducing tool