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Semi Auto Tube Puller

semi auto tube puller

Procedure of the Semi Auto Tube Puller

The semi-auto tube puller works on the principle of pulling a tube from a tube sheet by force against the sheet. This is a semi-auto system which has very little setup time and needs little time for training. Pulling forces of 10,000 psi with the largest gun will pull 3.0″ OD Tubes and Stubes up to 4.0″ OD. The hydraulic pump has a capacity of 10 litres and is powered by a 3hp, 220-volt single-phase motor. Pneumatic drive pumps are available on request.

There are three sizes of pulling guns available depending on the defective tube size. Each Gun has a pulling capacity of either 15,30 or 45 tons of force. A pulling mandrel is then screwed into the defective tube by an impact gun. Whereas the correct pulling jaws, fixed to the rear of the pulling gun, match the tube size. Besides the pulling jaws, the PC Collar attaches to the front of the gun and where it contacts the tube sheet.


Features of the Semi Auto Tube Puller

  • Simple and robust operation.
  • Minimum training required.
  • High-pressure pump up to 10000 psi.
  • Compact design for tight spaces.
  • Minimum if no damage.
  • Low set-up time.
  • Electrical or Pneumatic.
  • Auto changeover from low to high Pressure.
  • Interchangeable accessories.
  • One-man operation.

Tube Puller suspended on our

SWL-22 Spring Balancer

Semi auto tube puller

In summary, we find this system one of the most reliable available. We hold this system in our rental stable and it is always in high demand. Always give up to one month’s notice for the ordering of the correct consumables. This includes mandrels, rear jaws and front collars.

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