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Internal Tube Cutters

One revolution internal tube cutter

Different uses of the Internal Tube Cutters

  • Three types of internal tube cutters, each have its primary uses.

  • The OTC series:- used for cutting non-ferrous or thin-walled ferrous tubes. Also, used to pierce tubes whose integrity compromised by leaks, and needs plugging.

  • The ATP Series is a push-type cutter. Cutting tubes in condensers and heat exchangers before the retubing process. Available up to 1.1/2″ OD.

  • Our PR68 series, designed for cutting thick-walled boiler tubes. More dedicated to the 2″ to 4.1/2″ range these internal cutters can cut scheduled pipe for remediation work.

  • Use the links above to take you to the relevant pages and specifications in PDF format.

Use the PTR models to drive the Series tube expanders and Internal Tube Cutters
Electric Tube Rolling Drives
Spare Cutting Bits

All three cutting tools take cutting bits which are not interchangeable. Please state the tube size, material of the tube and OD when ordering. Bits can be TCT-coated for durability.

The life of the bit, determined by the type of material, and how aggressive the operator uses the tool. Consult the links above to order the correct bits from the associated PDF.

How to drive Cutting Tools

  • Apart from the manual OTC Series. All cutters need rotational power to drive the tool. Our suggestion would be the PTR-03, PTR-02 and PTR-01. These give good, all-round performance and high rotational force as in torque.


    • Heavy-duty German motors form the heart of these drives.

    • 120/240 volt. 50/60Hz available.

    • High torque to weight ratio.

    • See Link below for Drives.

Internal tube cutters are one tool required in the tech’s arsenal. The use of the ATP Series will achieve the cutting of smaller tubes in heat exchangers and chillers. Whereas, if cutting thick boiler tubes then the PR68 Series are the tools required. Speed is a governing factor in performance. There are no laid down tables on speed. Important factors include material, tube size and wall thickness. In general, carry out trials to determine the speed. Also, use a reputable coolant which will extend the life of tool bits.