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114 Series Tube Expanders

114 flaring boiler tube expanders


The 114 series tube expanders cover tubes from 2.0″ OD to 4-1/2″ OD. Used in fire tube boilers and air heaters when flaring tubes to 40 degrees. Fitted with self-contained rollers within the cage. This enables the expander to reach into confined spaces. For instance, by placing the cage into the tube before inserting the mandrel. Therefore, these are the ideal expanders to use in mud and steam drums when access is very limited. This is a general-purpose boiler tube expander used for expanding and flaring tubes. More information is available through the link below.

Advantages of the 114 Series Tube Expanders:

Insertion of the cage into the tube is important in tight spaces. In other words, this is only possible without the mandrel. Besides this is achievable by the rolls being self contained. Overlapping rollers prevent ridging of the tube giving a 40-degree flare.

Tube and Sheet Sizes:

  • 2.0″-4.1/2″ OD.
  • Tube Sheet Range 1/2″-2.5/8″.
  • 3/4″ Square mandrel drive.
  • Consisting of 4 Straight rolls and 2 Flaring rolls.
  • Powermaster Industrial Expanders are always complete with drum-type mandrels ready for work.
  • Header type and short series mandrels available on request.
Short Series Expanders

See below a short series mandrel fitted to the cage and rolls of an AF3 expander. These are also available in the 114 series. Furthermore, consists of mandrels of either 5.1/8″ or 7.1/8″ in length. Also, each one when used in succession, rolls the joint until wall thinning is complete. 

Shorts series expanders

Finally, these 114 series expanders are one of the most sold worldwide when flaring tubes. For these reasons, the 114 series is always suggested. Our sales technicians know these expanders for their quality and performance.

Follow the link below for the full PDF specifications: