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Tube Expanders for Condenser

Condenser tube expanders

Tube expanders for condensers, heat exchangers, chillers, radiators and oil coolers. Our range of expanders covers from 1/4″ up to 5″ and for various tube sheet widths. The length of rolls and the reach of our long-reach expanders allow for step rolling through tube sheets up to 12.3/4 “thick.

  • Tube Size: 1/4″-3/8″
  • Tube Size 1/4″-3/8″
  • Tube Size 3/8″
  • Tube Size 1/2″-1.1/2″
  • Tube Size 5/8-1.1/2″”

Things to consider when choosing tube expanders for condensers

  • Tube OD. (Imperial or Metric).
  • Tube Wall Thickness (Imperial, BWG or Metric).
  • Tube Sheet Thickness (Imperial or Metric).
  •  Any tube 18-25 BWG use the 5 roll series.
  • Tube Size 1/2″-1.1/2″
  • Tube Size 3/4″-1.1/2″
  • Tube Size 1.3/4″-5.0″
  • Tube Size 1.3/4″-5.0″
  • Tube Size 5/16″-1.5/8″

How to drive these Tube Expanders

To roll tube expanders for condensers, or any type of tubular vessel, be it a small 1/4″ OD tube or a large, thick-walled tube over 4.0″ OD. Therefore, you need the force of Torque. The torque, achieved by rotational force. Comes from either an electric, pneumatic or hydraulic drive. Or in some instances my manual force.

There are many ways to drive tube expanders. From electric, pneumatic and hydraulic to even by hand, manual. In many situations, the torque needs to be, monitored, controlled and recorded. So, using the TCW Torque Controller, torque is consistent from tube to tube. Some situations may only allow pneumatic rolling. Even though torque, controlled at the gun, is only reliable as the constant pressure on the air supply.

In a production environment, hydraulic systems are a common means of power. Being powerful, these systems can run more than a single gun. Also, in a boiler production setting, these systems can roll up to 4.0″ OD tubes.


The TCW controls the torque to the tube expanders
Electric Tube Rolling Drives
electric, pneumatic and hydraulic drives

Rent or Buy

The option is yours. We rent rolling drives, electric and pneumatic when available as demand is high. Rental is by seven days.